Yoga Teacher Training Weeks 9&10

The end is finally here! I can’t believe we’ve made it! Weekends 9 and 10 consisted of our exams and celebrations. It’s been such an amazing journey and I can honestly say, life-changing! I’ve learnt so much and cannot wait to put it into practice by teaching.


Weekend 9

Being the final weekends, they are shorter. We didn’t start until 12pm and we had 5 hours of exams – either teaching, practising or observing. I took part in 2 exams, observed 2 and taught my own. It was nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. My exam was the final one of the day which meant I had to really bring the energy to pull the flagging participants through. Five hours in the heat is no mean feat! My feedback was great and I felt really proud of myself for passing!

On the Sunday, we started with our written exam which took just over an hour. Then we went back to the studio to discuss the ‘business’ of yoga. We talked about getting a job at a studio or gym, setting yourself up as a yoga teacher, booking halls, how to market yourself etc. Jules (a teacher who completed the Sweat YTT last year) came to tell us about what she’s done since graduating which was really useful!

It was a busy, long and tiring weekend but I felt such elation at the end of it knowing all my exams were done and that I’d done my best!

Weekend 10

We started Saturday again at 12 for a day of exams either practising, teaching or observing. Having already completed mine, I got to enjoy the classes without the distraction of my exam class hanging over me. Everyone smashed it! So lovely to see how far we’ve all come and how confidently everyone is teaching.

I can’t wait to come to these ladies’ classes in the future!

Sunday was more of the same, the final 3 exams. The epic feeling that came over us all when they were all done was indescribable. Knowing that all our hard work was done and totally worth it! We then got showered, changed and dressed up for our graduation party! We all went for dinner and drinks and it was so lovely to be able to sit down and chat. We were given our certificates – which was my favourite part – and also received our written exam results.

And…. that’s it… my YTT 200 hour is done. This is just the beginning of my yoga teaching journey and I’ll keep you all posted with what’s going on with me next!

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