June Happiness Project Summary

June seemed to fly by! Just to remind you, June’s Happiness Project Resolutions were:

  • Start teaching yoga
  • Plan ideas for my ‘yoga career’
  • Read ‘She Means Business’ by Carrie Green for future business ideas.
  • Dream Big
  • Create a vision board.

I’ve not been hugely successful with my resolutions this month. As the month went on, time just seemed to run away with me so I’ve run out of time without even realising it. I have sort of begun teaching yoga as I’ve taught some of my colleagues at work. I’m hoping in the next month or so that I’ll be able to find somewhere to teach a class weekly. A dream would be to teach some private clients so I’ll keep that in mind too. I suppose that’s part of resolution two – planning ideas. I have lots of ideas for how I’d like to teach yoga so it’s just time to put some of those ideas into motion!

I’ve not started reading ‘She Means Business’ yet as I have several other books on the go but it’s still on my shelf for the future. I’ll get round to it I’m sure. I think it will be more useful once I’ve set up my classes and own yoga business. I’ll roll that resolution over to another month. As for my vision board and dreaming big, I’ve been dreaming big in my journal and scribbling down ideas for the future now that my Yoga Teacher Training is over. I haven’t completed a vision board for it but I think I’m more of a list person anyway so I’ll continue to write down lists of ideas and then goal set based on these.

It’s crazy that we are halfway through 2018 now. This year is flying by but I’m still loving my Happiness Project. I’m going to try and refocus on it in the second half of the year because I’ve dropped off a little. I’ll try reintroducing my tick list for each month to see if that helps.

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