Why I’m Vegetarian

I made the decision to go vegetarian around a year ago for many reasons. It’s not something that I’ve found really easy, I’ve had to answer loads of questions about it and of course I’ve had some slip-ups. For anyone else thinking about it, I would definitely go for it if you are doing it for the right reasons. I wouldn’t go vegetarian just for health reasons because there are as many unhealthy vegetarians as there are meat-eaters. It is what you choose to put in your body that is important. If you prioritise fresh food and food from the earth; be that meat or plant based you will be eating healthy. Processed food is always bad if it makes up the bulk of your diet.

My main reason for going vegetarian was for the animals. I am a huge animal lover and I’d seen pictures, videos and articles about the meat industry which really put me off meat. I couldn’t rightly look at pictures of cows and pigs etc and then eat them without feeling sad. I also was never a huge meat lover so that was an easy transition for me.

The tipping point was in the run up to a trip to Thailand where we would be travelling all over the country. I’ve always suffered with tummy troubles when travelling abroad and thought Thailand could be even worse. I didn’t want our trip to be ruined by me being unwell when we were trying to move from place to place. I actually had a bit of a meltdown before we went in my anxiety about it. So, a couple of months before we were due to go, I made the decision to cut out meat and would continue to do so while we were away in order to (hopefully) avoid some of my tummy issues. Miraculously, it worked! I went from being ill for half or more of a holiday to only feeling bad for 1 day of our whole 3 week trip. I still ate amazing food and really enjoyed trying different veggie dishes. Although, I must say, eating vegetarian in Thailand wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Upon deciding to go veggie, everyone had questions? ‘Why?’ ‘Won’t you miss meat?’ ‘What you won’t eat steak/burgers/chicken/insert other meat item here?’ ‘What will you do at Christmas?’ ‘What about protein?’ My answers – Because I want to, No, No, I’ll cope! and there’s plenty of protein in other foods. But in all seriousness, I found the constant questions and sometimes judgements quite hard. Lots of people couldn’t cope with me going against ‘the norm’ of eating meat. But in all honesty, I didn’t like it much anyway. Don’t worry, I had an amazing Christmas dinner and didn’t miss turkey or even pigs in blankets one bit!

That’s not to say, I haven’t had slip ups along the way – eating in places where there wasn’t a veggie options or was one I didn’t like, being cooked for by someone else who hadn’t realised or sometimes if I just fancied something. I did on those occasions just eat what was there or what I fancied. I try not to feel guilty about this!

I’m often asked if I’m vegan or will I go vegan? I’m not sure, never say never. It’s something I would like to do for the environmental aspects but I’m not sure how I would manage it with my lifestyle right now. However, the world is getting ever more vegan friendly now that it seems to be the latest trend so in the future, who knows? Watch this space…

If you have any questions about my vegetarian lifestyle, let me know!

One thought on “Why I’m Vegetarian

  1. Argh the questions! They can get frustrating, I just want to scream “I’m not eating this way for you to all comment about it!” but I understand everyone doesn’t think outside the box like I do so just go along with society lol. And I notice a lot more how much people panic about protein if people don’t eat meat. It’s all just education I suppose! Well done for going veggie.

    Since I have been vegan for only about 8 months, I have already noticed how much easier it has become with all these options coming up. We tried some violife cheese last night and Jim liked it so he might even go vegan too. There are still some places where it’s hard to find options, but not many.

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