May Happiness Project Summary

I didn’t actually ever publish my May resolutions so I’ll detail them first before going over how they went! These were my resolutions for May, all based around FUN!

  • Host a games night
  • Book an activity
  • Start a new hobby
  • Write a fun list
  • Do something fun daily

Now, because I didn’t track these as well as I could have…. I didn’t complete them all but I shall be rolling them over to June! To recap the month:

I didn’t actually host a games night, but I did host a hen party for my friend Vicky which involved games! We had lots of fun and I’m going to count that as a win!


Earlier in the month, Steph and I went to BeFit Festival in London and basically stalked all the influencers we follow on Instagram, ate lots of free food and picked up as many free goodies as we could. It was a super fun day and definitely counts as an activity. I also went bowling with my work colleagues and did a yoga class I’d not done in a while.

I didn’t really start a new hobby but I did start using the Tone It Up App – Studio Toneitup for my workouts which makes scheduling and doing a workout – long or short really easy. I’m loving it so far. If you want a more in depth review of the app – let me know in the comments below!

As for the fun list, I still need to write this. Basically, my plan was to write a list of all the things I find fun so that when I’m bored or lacking inspiration, I can refer to the list and choose things to do. I may change this slightly for the coming month and write a ‘Summer Bucket List’ instead. This is something I do every year. I write a big long list of things I’d love to do over my long summer holiday and then try to work my way through it. I’ll keep you posted on this! It may end up being a post in itself.

Do something fun daily – I think I mostly do this. I try to find something fun to do everyday so I’m counting this!

Overall, May was an amazing month. My Yoga teacher training is coming to an end so I’m feeling pretty proud of that, I taught my first real classes and I’ve had lots of fun. In other super exciting news, I also got engaged this month!! So excited and happy 🙂



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