Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 8

This weekend was all about first aid and safety whilst teaching yoga and was hugely helpful in making us feel more confident if something were to go wrong in our classes and also in helping us to modify in class.


There was no Friday session this weekend so we started on Saturday with a Hot Classic class. We are all trying to get as many classes in as possible at the moment before our practicums which start very soon! This week’s class was super sweaty – Kirsty is really pushing us now and the energy in the room was amazing! We then showered off and got ready to start our first aid course.

First Aid is a course I’d done previously through work but I must say, I found this one really useful and I learnt a lot! It was particularly helpful that the course leader linked parts specifically to teaching yoga and things that might go wrong within a class. We covered many things from bleeding, resuscitation and even using a defibrillator. By the end of the day, we all felt much more confident teaching and being able to handle any minor or major first aid incidents. It was a longer day than usual but definitely worth doing.


We began Sunday in the conference room where we discussed each of our homework essays about the Bhagavad Gita and our interpretation of it and its influence on our lives. We went around the room and either read out our essays or discussed the contents with the group. This was so lovely as it really showed the journey we have all been on and how much we’ve changed throughout the process.

After lunch, we looked at how each of the postures can be modified due to injury or physical limitations. This was really useful as there are often people within a class who need modifications and we need to be able to adapt for them. We looked at using props and also changing the postures slightly to accommodate different needs. After this session, Kathy had a real treat for us! She led us through a 2 hour restorative yoga class using lots of props. We went through restorative versions of postures we are familiar with, holding them for several minutes each. This was so lovely and once we’d done, we discussed sequencing restorative classes which is something we can do in the future.

The next weekend is the start of our practicums!! I cannot believe how quickly this has come around and that within a month, I’ll be a qualified yoga teacher!

One thought on “Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 8

  1. First aid training is a necessary evil, but I’m glad you were taught it in a yoga context: it makes such a difference. I’m happy to say I’ve never needed to use my training – I’ve had the occasional fainter and a few students with muscle spasms – but it’s good to know that I have the knowledge somewhere in my brain. On my last refresher we were taught how to use a portable defib machine and now I always check where the nearest one is in all my venues.


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