Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 7

Weekend 7 is done! Only 3 more to go until I’m officially a qualified yoga teacher. This weekend was so fun! We did lots of different things and got a chance to experiment with postures and styles that we wouldn’t have otherwise got to do. It was one of my favourite weekends of the course so far!


On Friday night, we talked through some of our homework including our personal manifestos – quotes and sayings to inspire us in whatever way we need it. Everyone’s was different but really inspiring. I chose to use some of my favourite quotes and a friend helped me to make them look pretty using my favourite colour – green. We also watched a documentary – Titans of Yoga which was all about inspiring yogis and what their practice means to them. Sadly, we also discussed the rest of the course and I realised how little time we have left. I’ll be really sad when it’s all over!



We started the day with a hot class in the studio – always a challenge but one that I love. It’s also really handy to go over the classic sequence before we practise teaching. After showering and lunch we did an adjustment workshop with some other yoga teachers. This was so useful as we went over all the common postures and ways to adjust and adapt for different people. We started with verbal adjustments, ‘two-finger’ adjustments and went through to more ‘heavy-handed’ adjustments depending on what was needed. After we’d completed the workshop, we worked through an hour class with each of us teaching parts. This also gave us an opportunity to practise using our adjustments. Today was a really useful day!


We started the day today with a practise test for our exam and a discussion about the moon, astrology and astronomy and their effect on the world. We wrote things we wanted to let go of and things we wanted to bring to our lives. Then, after lunch, we did the highlight of the weekend…Partner Yoga! This was so fun and challenging. We worked through a series of poses in pairs using each other’s bodies to balance and counterbalance. We created amazing shapes and I surprised myself what we could do. Check out some of the things we did here:

If you ever get the chance to do partner yoga, definitely go for it! After that, we did some more practise teaching but with a difference. Kathy, our teacher, provided us with distractions that we had to deal with whilst teaching – loud music, falling water bottles, blocks and more threatened to distract our teaching but we got through it!

It was such a fun weekend!

3 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 7

  1. Partner yoga works really well in certain circumstances, but I have some students who DEFINITELY don’t like it. Be prepared for real-world classes to be a lot different from working with other teachers.


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