April Happiness Project Summary

Another month of 2018 done! This month was pretty successful when it came to my Happiness Project and it was probably my favourite set of resolutions so far. It came at a perfect time as well because I had lots of events this month which involved friends of mine. Just to remind you, my resolutions this month were:

  • Go the extra mile 
  • Be happy for others
  • Make plans and stick to them 
  • Treat others 
  • Be positive 

I can honestly say I made a real effort towards these this month and really felt it pay off. I attended my best friend’s wedding and had an amazing time helping to make their day go smoothly! I made plans with lots of people and stuck to them – even friends I hadn’t seen in ages – for example I went to visit my friend’s gorgeous new baby girl! I tried to treat others where I could – lunch, drinks, even just time. I also worked on my positivity and tried to be more uplifting!


I’d like to think people noticed but who knows…? I’ve felt better for it so these are resolutions to keep up. Stay tuned for May’s resolutions…

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