Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend 6

This weekend has been the most physically challenging of the entire course so far! Saying that though, I really enjoyed it. Honestly, one of the best parts of the YTT course for me is the incredible women I get to share it with. We have such a laugh and they’re all so supportive!

The focus for the weekend was Vinyasa Yoga and it was one of my favourites so far. It got me super excited to start designing my own sequences and classes! I’m planning to complete a more in depth training weekend about Vinyasa Yoga later in the year but this weekend was a great introduction. There was no Friday session which gave me time to go over the Sun Salutations and other dialogue at home.



We started Saturday morning with a Funky Vinyasa Flow which was really fun. It was very hot, very sweaty but a really good way to move around the mat. It was a pretty typical Vinyasa class which I always enjoy (I often do Cat Meffan’s classes on YouTube). Then it was time for showers and lunch! We’d certainly earned it. After lunch we went back into the studio for a mini version of Vinyasa training. We covered Sun Salutations, sequencing and then sequenced some classes of our own and taught them to each other. This was really fun and I’d definitely like to do more Vinyasa training in the future!



Today was a hardcore day! We started with a lecture about the chakras before heading to the studio for an epic 2.5 hour hot class of 108 asanas! This was a super hard class going through the Bikram sequence as well as other postures – headstands, handstands, crow, side crow amongst others. At one point, I wasn’t sure I would make it through the class but I did it! Afterwards, we did our final section of the hot sequence teaching practise. From this point, we will be going through the entire sequence!


I would say this weekend has been the hardest, physically, but also one of the best so far! Only 4 more weekends to go until I’m officially a Yoga Teacher!

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