Hot Yoga in NYC

Last week, I visited New York City! It was such an amazing trip and I had the best time. While we were there, I had to try some hot yoga! I googled some studios before we left and decided upon ‘YogaSpark’  because it looked cool and was really close to my hotel.


I went on the last morning of our trip but wish I’d gone earlier so that I could have taken advantage of their ‘newbie’ offer which was $45 for a week of classes. I paid $34 for one class so that would have been a great deal. From the moment I arrived, all the staff were helpful and friendly. The best thing about the studio for me was that everything was included – mat, towels, props, toiletries, everything! I hadn’t brought my yoga mat or hot yoga towel with me on holiday so having everything there provided was really helpful.

The studio itself was clean, light and spacious. The changing rooms had loads of free amenities – deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser, hairbands, feminine hygiene products, dry shampoo – literally everything you could need and it was  very clean and inviting. Upstairs, the studio is huge and super cool – soft padded flooring, UV lights, sound system and red and white colour scheme. The equipment was also top of the range – Manduka mats!


In the class I did, there was only around 10 people which was great as there was plenty of space so I didn’t feel like we were on top of each other. The class itself was called ‘Superspark’ and was described as a mix of their other classes – hot flow, with the blacklights on and a more restorative section at the end. I found the class challenging and super sweaty – I loved the UV lighting and the music was well chosen and motivating. I don’t usually do yoga to music so it made a nice change for me. The teacher had a headset so it was easy to follow her dialogue and she also demonstrated when needed. I liked her style and would have liked to do more classes with her! At the end of the class, she came round and put a cold tea tree towel on my head which was so lovely after such an intense, sweaty class!

Overall, I had an amazing experience at YogaSpark and would definitely recommend the studio to anyone looking for hot yoga in NYC. The one I visited is in Tribeca (downtown in Manhattan). If anyone is going to New York and has any questions or wants tips, just drop me a message!

2 thoughts on “Hot Yoga in NYC

  1. This sounds amazing: so civilised, with all those free extras. Interesting point about the music; I don’t usually teach to music, but did a session of so-called funky yoga recently where we had pop music on all the way through. Like you say, it makes a nice change, but overall I find I start listening to the tune and forget what I’m supposed to be doing!


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