Happiness Project: April Resolutions

Here we are… April! Month four of my Happiness Project and a set of resolutions I’m very excited about. This month, it’s not all about me! This month’s resolutions are all based around ‘Friendship.’ Spring is (hopefully) on its way so alongside my 30 days to simplify your life challenge that I started in March (see here for more details), I’m focusing all my attention on my friendships – old, new, see all the time, see once a year and everything in between! Below are the 5 things I’m going to focus on:

  • Go the extra mile – I’m always up for helping out; if you need me, I’ll be there but this month I’m going to try and go the ‘extra mile’ for people when they need it most. I’m not entirely sure how that will manifest itself yet but we’ll see!
  • Be happy for others – sounds a strange one but I’m going to try to show how happy I am for others when something great happens for them rather than make a joke (my usual style when confronted with positive emotions ha)!
  • Make plans and stick to them – I’m often guilty of making plans then when it gets to it, preferring to stay at home and chill. This month, I’m going to make plans with friends and stick to them! I already have some lined up 🙂
  • Treat others – making drinks, helping out, taking them out – treating friends just because…
  • Be positive – making myself nicer and more uplifting to be around by being more positive and upbeat – especially at work when things get crazy!

So that’s it for this month, hopefully things will be more successful than last month but I’m still working on those ones too. As always, I’ll be back at the end of the month to check in with how things went!

3 thoughts on “Happiness Project: April Resolutions

  1. Love these goals! I have tried doing the same recently, this week I realised I was making a lot of effort with new friends so have invited my besties round tonight rather than being alone and lazy lol

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