Yoga Teacher Training Week 5

Here we are at the halfway point of my Yoga Teacher Training journey! I can’t believe how quickly it’s going and how much I have learnt. Since my last weekend, I’ve taught a couple of classes and had smaller more private classes which has been amazing for practising my dialogue and cues. This weekend was all about breaking down different aspects of yoga – we’ve looked at principles of alignment, chakras, mudras, teaching people of different ages and more!


We started Friday night with a ‘lecture’ based lesson with an introduction to Anusara Yoga and the Chakras. We also talked briefly about some principles of alignment and how you are not ‘hanging out’ in any postures but that every part of your body should be active. We also discussed all of the home study we’ve been doing and had our first ‘test’ in preparation for our final exam. Despite this blog being a journal of sorts for me, I’ve kind of let my written journal slip recently so when I got home, I sat and reflected about what we had talked about. I’m not sure I buy into the Chakra system 100% but it’s amazing how something so ancient, links so closely to the body systems we understand today.


We began the day with a Hot Yoga class which, as always, was mega hot, sweaty and a proper workout! After lunch, we began with talking about alignment principles and specifically internal and external rotation within different postures. We did a lot of physical practise in order to get to know our own bodies. You must know your own body – it’s strengths and limitations – in order to help others. We did a lot of posture breakdowns looking at every part of the body within the posture and where it should be and whether it should be internally or externally rotated.


Once we were really warmed up we did arm balance work looking at crane, crow, baby crow and side crow – I still have ‘the fear’ about these so it’s very much a work in progress for me! We looked a lot about rounding your back, pointing your toes and ‘pushing your kidneys out’ to help get lift in these postures. I picked up some really useful pointers which I will definitely be practising at home! We also did an inversions workshop starting with drills to warm up shoulders and core then straight into headstands and handstands. I’ve been working on my headstands so it was useful to get some more tips on this and I even did my first (assisted) handstand!

Finally, before we went home, we practised teaching in groups ahead of teaching tomorrow! Full on day!


I was so tired and achey today! We started the morning in the conference room with part 2 of our practise tests! This just served to remind me how much I need to go over my notes! Then we talked a lot about chakras, mudras and mantras. All a bit ‘out there’ for me but it was interesting nonetheless. We did some chanting, discussed the meaning of each chakra and some of the mudras and even went deep with our chats! Then we had time for lunch. After lunch, it was time for practice teaching. We taught our group a series of postures then got feedback. The feedback is always very useful – this week I was told I have good highs and lows to my voice to move the class along but at points can come across as a bit forceful…Oops! I also need to work on remembering all the important cues in each posture but that will come with time and practise.

After that, it was time for our afternoon workshop: backbends. We did a lot of warm up activities working our way up to fall backs and full wheel. The way it was done meant that we built up gradually causing no stress to our backs. The lift from our chests meant that we could come down deeper. I managed a fall back down the wall and full wheel with a lifted leg! Super proud. We also did some really cool partner work moves and looked at Savasana (my favourite)!


I really enjoyed this weekend and it’s made me more excited to work on my own practise! We have a couple of weeks off before the next module which should give me plenty of time to work on all the things I need to!

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