My Top Podcasts

Recently, I’ve gotten really into podcasts! I listen to them whilst winding down for bed, whilst driving or when cooking/cleaning. When I mention podcasts to people, they often ask me which ones I listen to so I thought I’d collate a list of my favourites. Some are currently being updated each week and others have finished but are still available to listen to. I’ve grouped them into categories so you can choose based on what you’re interested in!

Yoga Podcasts

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl – Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl on Instagram is a hugely well-known yoga influencer. Her podcast, From the Heart, discusses not just yoga but also loads of other things such as her views on current events, spirituality, her journey into veganism, her life as a new mum etc. Rachel is very honest as she speaks and her blunt style is what I love most about listening to her.

Namaslay with Yoga by Candace – Candace Moore is another ‘Insta Yogi’ who also runs a YouTube channel and retreats. Her podcast has just finished season 1 with the second one coming up soon. The episodes range from everyday lifestyle themed such as how to eat well whilst travelling to ones aimed more at yoga teachers and entrepreneurs. I enjoyed hearing Candace’s views on things and she also shares some really great advice.

The Mentor Sessions: Support and Strategy for Yoga Teachers – This is one of my new favourite podcasts since starting my yoga teacher training. This is obviously aimed at yoga teachers and Francesca Cervero, the host, discusses topics like encouraging your students’ home practice, getting private clients, how to teach certain things, anatomy studies etc. I’ve found it really useful as a trainee teacher as the advice and information is very practical. She also has a Facebook group for yoga teachers to share advice and ideas.

Health and Fitness Podcasts

Fit and Fearless – This podcast is hosted by the ‘Girl Gains’ Tally, Zanna and Vic. They’ve just wrapped up season 1 but are hoping for a season 2 soon! They have discussed topics such as cardio, pre and post natal fitness, eating disorders and weight training. Their advice, as personal trainers, is excellent and the discussions and interviews within the podcast are not only interesting but also inspiring. This is one of my favourite podcasts at the moment.

The Doctor’s Kitchen – The episodes for this have stopped updating for now but the ones that are still there are so good I had to include it. The podcast was launched along with the book The Doctor’s Kitchen and each episode outlines a principle for each well discussing things like eating fibre, eating colourful and eating more plants. I found the information extremely useful and well-informed.


Happy Place – This is Fearne Cotton’s new podcast where each week she interviews a different celebrity to find out about their ‘happy place’ and what makes them tick. So far I’ve listened to her interview Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, Dawn French and also Paloma Faith. Each interview has been really interesting and Fearne has a lovely interview style which is nicely informal whilst still asking all the questions you’d want to ask.

Serial – I don’t know many people who haven’t been hooked listening to Serial. It’s the true story of a young man who was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend when they were in high school in Baltimore, USA. Each episode delves deeper into the story analysing witness testimony, interviews with the defendant and much more. You are left wondering who to believe but every episode is gripping!

My Dad Wrote a Porno – Warning, do not listen to this podcast in public as you will laugh out loud inappropriately. Jamie’s Dad wrote a porno (erotic literature as he calls it) and each episode is Jamie and his mates James and Alice (from BBC Radio 1) reading a chapter and commentating on it. I’m not sure which is more funny – the book and it’s cringy and disgusting contents or their comments on it. Either way it is laugh out loud hilarious and I love it.

If you have any favourite podcasts, comment below to recommend them as I’m always looking for new ones particularly as a lot of the ones above I’ve listened to all of! If you do check out any of my suggestions, let me know what you think!

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