I did a Posture Clinic…

I practise the Absolute Hot Sequence, on average, twice a week and it forms the basis of my final practical teaching class as part of my Yoga Teacher Training. Last weekend, I attended a Posture Clinic at Sweat Studios, where my YTT takes place, to delve deeper into some of the postures and learn even more!

The Posture Clinic is a 2 hour workshop which is put on 4 times a year. Over the course of the year, every posture in the sequence is covered. There were 2 instructors and only around 18 in the class which meant plenty of individual attention. Some of the postures covered this time were: plank, floor bow and eagle but we covered around 10 including variations overall.


The teachers gave modifications and used all the different props (straps, bricks and blocks) to get us into the posture and ensure the correct alignment. This was really useful as it gave us specific prompts to come back to in our own practice. Once we’d been shown different ways to get into a posture and the specific alignment cues needed, we were given time to put these into practice. We worked with a partner to check each other’s alignment and assist. This was really useful because it allowed me to have another pair of eyes that could see my body in a different way.

If you get the opportunity and want to deepen your practice safely, I would definitely recommend a posture clinic. The workshop style really suits me as it allowed me to ask questions. If you have any questions about the posture clinic or yoga in general, get in touch and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction!

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