Yoga Teacher Training Week 4

Module 4 is here! This means we are almost half way through with the course! I can’t believe how quickly it’s going. This weekend was all about the ‘Sweat’ philosophy which involves what Sweat Studios is all about and also going through all 50 postures in the classic sequence.



We started on Friday with introductions to the weekend and an overview of the 50 key postures we are studying. We talked through each one and where they should be placed within a sequence and why. We discussed forward folds, backbends and how the spine should be moved throughout a sequence. We also talked about warm up postures, cool down postures and peak postures to really raise the heart rate.

After that session, we went across to the studio and taught an entire hot sequence as a group. Each of us was called up to teach some of the poses from both the standing and the seated postures. I’m feeling much more confident in teaching the alignment cues and the dialogue for each posture. We did the class in the heated room so we really had to work on projecting our voices over the heating system. The next thing to work on is the tone of our voice for different parts of the sequence; either to encourage or relax.


Saturday morning began with a classic hot class, although it felt so much more difficult than normal – we were certainly pushed! After a shower and some lunch, we began the afternoon session which was run much like an extended posture clinic. We went through each posture one by one and unpicked the alignment cues. Some of us were performing the posture ‘badly’ by doing common mistakes and others of us were correcting their alignment with the correct dialogue. This was really useful as the same posture performed by different people could look totally different but could still be done correctly. Once we had corrected the posture, we were given drills and exercises to do which would help us to work on our own alignment and could also be suggested to others to help them into a posture.

We went through all the standing postures today and I also discovered just how bad my terrible posture is so that’s something else to work on! So glad this weekend is included in the course because it’s really helping to understand the alignment cues and dialogue.



We began today at 10:30am in the conference room by discussing the ‘Sweat Studios’ ethos and how the studio is run. We also briefly touched on the challenges of running a studio and what is expected of their teachers. This was really useful as it gave us an idea of what to expect when looking for a job.

In the afternoon, we continued our posture clinic with the seated postures – unpicking the alignment for each posture and looking at dos and don’ts. The most useful part was seeing how the same pose looks totally different on two different bodies and when to spot when it was wrong rather than just different. This part of the day was quite tough on my already sore body but I learnt so much about my own practice.

Soon we have alignment classes where we will be assisting a teacher by helping the clients with their alignment in class! Exciting stuff. I’m also hoping to teach my own practice class at work soon to get in some much needed dialogue practise.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training Week 4

  1. It sounds as though you’re working really hard. That’s an interesting point in your penultimate para: when does different become wrong? I tend to think that there is only safe and unsafe, and that one’s intention is everything. However, if we’re working into a twist and, for instance, only moving the shoulders, I suppose that could be classed as ‘wrong’. I shall ponder this!


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