March Happiness Project Resolutions

Here we are, the third month of 2018! Now that we’ve fully settled into the year, I’ve decided that March will be the month of productivity. Spring is finally (apparently) on its way so it’s the perfect time of year for new starts, fresh ideas and recommitting to goals – which is exactly the theme of this month’s resolutions.

My 5 resolutions for the month are:

  1. Change up my morning routine – I’m going to experiment with a few different things and see what works. I want to work on crossing things off my list early in the day whether that’s fitness, yoga, work or me time.
  2. Read a productivity book – I’m going to look into a book about productivity – any suggestions welcome! Then I can implement the strategies suggested and see what works.
  3. Stop wasting time – This mainly means mindlessly scrolling through my phone when I should be doing other things. A major thing to work on for me!
  4. Work on my goals daily – plan out each day, how I’m going to work towards my long term goals and take action, however small, every single day!
  5. Try 10 minute bursts – Once I’ve decided upon these actions, I’m going to break down tasks into manageable chunks. If something is overwhelming or I’m short on time, I’ll start a timer for 10 mins and just work solidly for that amount of time. Hopefully I’ll get more done this way.

I also want to have a go at a decluttering project I’ve found online as I want to try and get rid of lots of the clutter in our house. As they say, tidy home, tidy mind! Well here’s hoping…. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with both the resolutions and the decluttering! Is anyone else doing a Happiness Project? What are you working on? Leave me a comment below!


8 thoughts on “March Happiness Project Resolutions

      1. Yoga, then a quick meditation (I have been doing the Tone It Up Positivity one). Then while I am getting ready, listen to an audio book.


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