February Happiness Project Summary

Month two of my Happiness Project is over and it’s been another good month. February is the shortest month of the year and I’ve really felt that this time around. This whole month seems to have flown by. This month’s resolutions were all based around ‘relationship.’ If you want to read the introduction post to this month find it here.

The specific resolutions were:

  1. Spend quality time –  this may mean date nights, trips together or simply time without phones (we are terrible for being on our phones/laptops/ipads).
  2. Give appreciation – Over the course of a week, Stuart does a lot for me – household chores, helping with my website, picking up bits for me etc. I’m going to make a conscious effort to appreciate these little things more. He does love a compliment!
  3. Don’t nag – When I get stressed, I fixate on things like the cleaning in the house or clutter around and then can get a bit naggy about it. If I want something done, I’m going to try to let it go or if it really bothers me, do it myself.
  4. Help out – Linked to the last one, I’m going to try to help out with the things that mean something to Stuart – choosing things for his flat renovation, picking things up for him while I’m out etc.


How the month went:

Looking back over the month, I do think we’ve spent more quality time together despite this being really difficult with our schedules. We’ve made an effort, when we are off work and not doing other jobs, to spend real time together. I have also made a concerted effort to nag less and appreciate more. I asked Stuart recently if he’d noticed me being nicer…. the look on his face and his verbal answer didn’t seem to match ha! So maybe I’ve been no nicer. However, I do feel that I’ve tried to be! These will be resolutions that I will continue with to keep them in the front of my mind. Obviously, February is the month of Valentine’s Day. We spent the evening at the theatre watching the ballet Cinderella. We hadn’t planned this specifically for Valentine’s Day but it worked out nicely as it was such a lovely evening. Other than that, February has been a really busy month so we’ve not seen each other as much as I’d like.

This month has inspired both of us to try and spend more time together so we’ve booked a holiday for the summer for 2 whole weeks of just the two of us. Once my YTT is over and Stuart’s flat is done, we will have our weekends back again so will have much more time together. Until then, I’ll be working on these resolutions to keep things happy.

So that’s it, month two done! Stay tuned for my resolutions for March!


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