Yoga Teacher Training Essentials

I’m 3 modules into my yoga teacher training now and loving it! Before I started, I got ‘the fear’ about what to take with me each weekend and whether I’d forgotten something. For those of you thinking of doing your YTT or about to start, I’ve compiled a list of my must haves.

  • A large bag – there is a lot of stuff to carry so a big bag is definitely a must. I have a shoulder bag with different compartments which helps to keep my stuff organised. On hot yoga practise days, I need two bags!
  • A notebook – to keep all your notes organised . I have an A4 book which gives me plenty of space to write down everything I need to during the training.
  • Pens – of course!
  • Water bottle – to refill all day and keep hydrated, particularly if you’re doing a hot yoga course like me.
  • Coffee flask – throughout the day, coffee breaks are needed. We always pop to the coffee shop next door and, in order to save the planet one cup at a time, I always take my flask to fill up. Plus it keeps your coffee warm for longer while studying.
  • Warm clothes – sitting around for long periods while studying means I get cold, I’ve learnt to pack a jumper and socks to keep warm.
  • Shower supplies – after a class, before any other sessions in the day, you’ll probably want a shower – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, a comb etc. All needed. Plus of course a towel.
  • Spare yoga clothes – to change after a shower or throughout the day as needed.
  • Plastic bag – for wet towels or sweaty clothes.
  • Any books you’ve been given as part of the course. I’ve found that these are often referred to so it’s a good idea to have them to hand.


Have you done your YTT? What did you always take along? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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