YogiLife Week 1

To keep the yoga momentum going after Yoganuary, I’ve created a playlist of Yoga flows/practices/routines from YouTube to follow each day for the next week. Each video is no longer than 30 minutes so perfect to fit in to your day.

Here is a link to the playlist if you want to join me:

I’ve decided to stick with Cat Meffan’s videos this week as I love her content! I plan to post a new playlist each weekend for the week ahead so in the future I will use other Yoga YouTubers that I love and I’m totally open to suggestions for new ones!

The plan is to follow one video a day; I’m hoping to get mine done each morning before work. I have chosen a range of different videos loosely based on the Yoganuary plan.

Monday – Inversion Flow – this is all levels so we can all have a go at some inversions. I’m working up to headstand this year so I’m hoping it will help with that.

Tuesday – Yoga for hips – I know a lot of people have tight hips and it feels so good to stretch them out, that’s what this Tuesday is for!

Wednesday – Heart Opening Flow – A nice easy way to hit ‘hump day’ in the middle of the week.

Thursday – Yoga for Tiredness – Thursday is always a sluggish day for me, let’s try to combat that with this yummy flow!

Friday – How to do the splits – This is a shorter workshop style video which should leave time at the end to practise yourself!

Saturday – Stretch – perfect after a busy week and when you want a chilled Saturday.

Sunday – Feelings journaling activity – Like Cat Meffan did in Yoganuary, I’ve chosen Sunday to be non-flow based. A lovely way to check in at the end of a week!

So that’s week 1! I’ll be documenting my journey through it on Instagram and also on Twitter – @katiesyogilife is the handle for both! Let me know if you’re joining in!

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