I tried ‘Gloga’

Now you may be wondering, what on Earth is Gloga?! Well, it happens to be yoga set to 90s dance tunes with disco lights and UV face paint!

I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Gloga night at my local yoga studio this week and thought I would review it as it’s something I hadn’t heard of before. Since the class, I’ve had lots of people ask me about it and say they’d love to try it too.

When I arrived at the studio (Sweat Studios in Milton Keynes) the yoga teachers were giving out glow sticks and painting funky patterns onto people’s faces with UV paint. I was excited already at this point! Then we went into the studio which was dark yet filled with amazing green strobe lights all over the room.

The class itself was a sequence set to music with standing postures, balancing postures, floor-based postures and a savasana at the end. Kirsty also threw in some rhythmic raise the roof moves! The music was a highlight for me! All the songs were classic 90s dance tunes and it really kept the tempo and enthusiasm levels high! You couldn’t forget it was a workout though, by halfway through I was sweating! I worried my face paint would have all slipped off by the time I left. It was like a night out but without all the drunk people and sore feet by the end of the night!

I throughly enjoyed my first Gloga experience, so much so that I’ve already booked onto the next one which is early next month! If you’re around Milton Keynes, hopefully I’ll see you there. I’m hoping that Sweat Studios introduce it as a regular monthly class! Watch this space I suppose!

What crazy yoga classes have you tried? I want to try as many as possible!

2 thoughts on “I tried ‘Gloga’

  1. Sorry, but this sounds horrific. If you’re tuned in to the music and worrying about your makeup, how are you supposed to find the breath/body connection that is fundamental to yoga? Where is the space for observation and body awareness?


    1. I appreciate what you are saying. We were still cued and guided with our breathwork when working through the postures. I think if you didn’t have a practice already you may not be able to do this properly. As a change and something fun and different, I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t ever replace my usual classes just with this 😊


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