Happiness Project Resolutions: February

One month down, onto February! The theme for my resolutions in February is ‘Relationship’ – lucky Stuart! Bit of background: I’ve been with Stuart over 2 years, we live together, have a cat called Polly and are both super busy all the time! He works all over the place, is renovating a flat in London and I am working full time, studying for my Yoga Teacher Training course and writing this blog!

I wanted to put our relationship first for the month to see what a difference it would make, if anything else would suffer and how it would impact our relationship. The resolutions I’ve decided upon are:

  1. Spend quality time –  this may mean date nights, trips together or simply time without phones (we are terrible for being on our phones/laptops/ipads).
  2. Give appreciation – Over the course of a week, Stuart does a lot for me – household chores, helping with my website, picking up bits for me etc. I’m going to make a conscious effort to appreciate these little things more. He does love a compliment!
  3. Don’t nag – When I get stressed, I fixate on things like the cleaning in the house or clutter around and then can get a bit naggy about it. If I want something done, I’m going to try to let it go or if it really bothers me, do it myself.
  4. Help out – Linked to the last one, I’m going to try to help out with the things that mean something to Stuart – choosing things for his flat renovation, picking things up for him while I’m out etc.
  5. I don’t really have a 5th resolution as I feel like I’ve covered the things that will make a difference to us. I think the last one will be about planning fun things for us to do – linked to the quality time resolution.

I’ll post at the end of the month how I’ve got on! Hopefully it will have made a difference. Gretchen (in The Happiness Project book) also did a month based on her marriage, with similar resolutions. She found some of them (nagging, giving appreciation) quite difficult because sometimes it’s easier to blame someone else. I’ll let you all know how I find it but I can see that I may encounter a few of the same problems.


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