Yoganuary Week 4

The final stretch of Yoganuary! I’ve done this blog as Week 4 and the couple of extra days because obviously January goes beyond 4 weeks. I have loved Yoganuary and I’m really hoping it’s repeated every year! I’ve loved the flows, the giveaways, the community and also the Sunday special videos – I think I may miss those most of all as they have just been so different and inspiring. If you’ve been doing Yoganuary along with me, let me know how you’ve found it! I’ll be posting very soon a round up of the whole month!

Day 22 – Chakra Meditation: This was a lovely meditation but quite challenging for me. I found it hard to sit comfortably for such a long length of time but I’d like to build up to it gradually. I currently meditate for up to 10mins at a time and I managed longer than this during today’s meditation so I can start to sit for longer. I really liked the Chakra theme for the meditation and think it will help with my Yoga teacher training course.

Day 23 – Inversion Yoga: My yoga goals for 2018 are to master Crow pose and Headstand. This video helped to practise headstand which was really helpful for me. It was a flow rather than a workshop style video. I would have preferred a workshop/lesson style video for how to get into different inversions and key tips but I know that Cat Meffan already has videos for these so I’ll be looking to those for more help with my goals.

Day 24 – Splits Practice: This was one of my favourite videos of Yoganuary so far! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but it was a fantastic stretch and I feel like with regular practise of these poses, I could get very close to the splits in the future. I felt a great stretch for my hamstrings which is an area that I often find is tight. I will definitely do this video again.

Day 25 – Vinyasa Flow: This was actually a pretty chilled out flow. Lots of stretches and nice, slow movements with some more intense parts towards the end – crow practise! I liked this one.

Day 26 – Chilled Out Flow: As soon as I saw today’s video name, I knew I wasn’t going to stay in bed. I love a chilled flow to get me going in the morning. I’m better with chilled in the morning and more powerful yoga in the evenings, which hasn’t always been the case! I find that I’m quite stiff and sluggish in the morning but by the evening I’m able to move more easily and my mind is ready for my yoga practise.

Day 27 – I’m going to be honest, this Saturday I couldn’t face power yoga and just had a rest day! I can’t review this Yoganuary video but I will try it eventually!

Day 28 – Gratitude Challenge: I’m so sad that this is the last Sunday challenge as these have been some of my favourite videos of Yoganuary. I’ve really felt that they’ve brought everything together nicely. I’m hoping Cat continues with some of these type of videos for the rest of the year! I’ll be repeating these ones every so often anyway! Today’s was about writing down people you are grateful for and then letting them know! I decided I would post all of them in an Instagram post.

(This should technically be the end of the week but as there are only a few more days left of the month and therefore of Yoganuary, I’ve added them onto this post)!

Day 29 – Meditation and yoga flow: This was a lovely long meditation and I managed to stay still and focused for most of it this morning. Then a very gentle stretch for the body which was a lovely way to wake up! Starting to feel sad that it’s going to be over soon!

Day 30 – Vinyasa Flow – Although I do love a Vinyasa flow, sometimes I get a bit bored of sun salutations (not sure I’m allowed to admit that as a yogi)! This was one of the last videos of Yoganuary and I’m trying to savour every minute now.

Day 31 – I made it! The final day! A special Moon Yoga Flow was today’s video. It was Cat’s interpretation of a moon salutation and while it took a few rounds for me to get the hang of, once I got into it, I really enjoyed the gentle side to side motion of the practice. It felt really sad at the end of the video to know that it was the final one. I’ve already started planning next week’s yoga playlist to continue my daily practice.

I’m going to spend the rest of this week catching up with any videos I’ve missed and getting other jobs done! Let me know if you’d like the link to next week’s daily yoga practice video playlist – I’ve based next week around Cat Meffan’s videos as I love them!

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