January Happiness Project Summary

So January is over and I’ve been working hard all month on my Happiness Project resolutions. To remind you, my focus for the month was ‘Energy’ and all things that would help bring me more of it! I was working on:

  • Getting to bed on time.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Eating 7+ fruits and vegetables everyday.
  • Reading a productivity book.
  • Taking me time.
  • Completing Yoganuary
  • I also added an extra one to do alongside my friend Steph – drinking 2 litres of water each day.

Below are my weekly summaries about how it all went – successes, bits that were more of a challenge and any personal thoughts along the way.

Week 1:

I was raring to go with my resolutions this week and did pretty well. I got to bed on time almost every night (made easier by the fact that I was exhausted from being back at work). I ate my 7+ fruits and vegetables every day but one. Side note: If I can offer one piece of advice to people wanting to eat healthier, it would be to simply aim for 7+ portions of fruits and vegetables everyday. I’ve started adding them to meals where I wouldn’t usually and it’s making my overall diet so much healthier! I’ve kept up with my reading everyday (currently reading The One Thing by Gary Keller), I’ve taken ‘me time’ most days by reading, pampering or watching my favourite tv shows. I’ve also added completing the Yoganuary challenge to my list of resolutions too as I think it fits the ‘Energy’ theme quite well. The only resolution that I’ve failed on a little is exercise. I’m maybe being a bit harsh on myself because I have been doing yoga, but I’ve not consciously set out to exercise so I’ve not ticked it off. Partly, I’m avoiding the gym because it’s so stupidly busy in January but also I’ve been super busy. Will try better for the rest of the month!

Week 2:

I’ve had another good week for my Happiness Project resolutions. Some I’ve been better at keeping than others… I’ve got to bed on time every night except this Saturday night as I was out at a party. I’ve been less consistent at eating my 7+ fruits and vegetables everyday – I want to make this a priority for the coming week. I’ve been reading this month’s book (The One Thing) every day and trying to implement some of the advice given. I’ve been taking me time by doing yoga, reading, goal reflection sessions and watching my favourite TV shows – this week Peaky Blinders and Silent Witness. I’ve done better at my exercise resolution this week as I’ve been to Hot Yoga and completed a bootcamp session which will be every Friday. Next week I’m aiming for more exercise and more fruit and veg!

Week 3:

Everything has gotten to be more of a struggle this week because life just gets in the way sometimes but I’m still making a conscious effort to follow my resolutions! I’m still getting to bed on time even at weekends unless there is an event or something I have to stay out for. I’ve been very productive around my YTT course so have been using mornings and evenings to study for that. I’ve finished The One Thing now so I’m moving on to a new book ‘Big Magic’ which I think I’ll finish quite quickly – it seems an easy read. I’m still struggling to eat 7 fruits or vegetables a day but I usually get 5! So that’s something. I’ve been exercising but the gym has still taken a back seat to yoga. Me time is still in place but tends to be the half an hour before I go to sleep – I take time to journal and read which is perfect!

Week 4:

Final week (and a bit) of January and some of my resolutions for the month have become embedded so are easy to do each day. Ones like reading, getting to bed on time and taking me time have become part of my everyday routine. The one I’ve struggled most with is getting my 7 fruits and vegetables a day so that’s something I’m going to continue to work on. I’ve managed 5 most days so it’s not all bad but could do better. I’ve also been harsh on myself with the exercise resolution – I haven’t been counting yoga. If I had, I’d have hit that goal almost everyday but I haven’t done much else, a couple of gym sessions and bootcamp sessions each week at the most. Something to continue to work on I think. The other resolution I’ve been working on this month, drinking 2 litres of water everyday, has been pretty successful! I’ve managed it almost everyday and I have to say it’s made a huge difference – my skin is better, I feel less tired and sluggish and overall I feel better so definitely drink your water!

There you have it, January is done! I’ve really enjoyed this month’s resolutions and think that focusing on them has made a real difference to my goals. Stay tuned for my February resolutions.IMG_8793

This month’s tick chart – I used the one posted on alainaann.com


6 thoughts on “January Happiness Project Summary

  1. Is that Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’? Not her best, but still worth a read. Well done on drinking all that water. I’m impressed you had time to achieve anything except pee!


    1. Yes that’s the one! I’m quite enjoying it as it’s an easy read. Haha to start with I had to go to the toilet an awful lot but it seems my body has gotten used to all the water being consumed!


    1. Yes that’s the one – I’ve posted separately about Yoganuary too because I loved it so much! I think yoga actually changes your body a lot! I shall definitely be counting it now 😘


  2. Wow, massive kudos to you for completing Yoganuary, that’s fantastic! And for getting too bed early, I don’t remember the last time I went to bed before midnight, sob. I’m pretty healthy on the 5 a day because I have a seven year old so we’re conscious of eating well but I think 7 a day is a step too far for me. Looking forward to seeing what your February goals are now! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com


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