Yoganuary Week 3

Here we are for week 3 of Yoganuary. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck at anything for this long before and I’m determined to see this through to the very end and beyond! If you’re interested in following me with Yoga every day, I’m going to be putting together YouTube playlists of some of my favourite yoga practise videos to do each morning! Let me know if you’d like me to share!

Day 15: Meditation and Forward Folds – a lovely practise to start the week. Forward folds are something that I find really difficult – it always seems to hurt across my upper back plus my hamstrings are quite tight (just one more thing to work on)! But I really enjoyed stretching and meditating this morning. I love that Mondays are chilled because it’s struggle city just getting up!

Day 16: Yoga for Arms – my arms are not the strongest part of my body and part of me didn’t enjoy this practise as much because of all the planks! However, there were certain parts of it that I really enjoyed – the flowing arm stretches for example. Woah those arm circles at the start! Killer!

Day 17: Gentle Flow – Thank goodness for today’s Yoganuary! It was an amazing stretch for all of the body but I particularly enjoyed the twists and stretching out my wrists. Mid-week I often lack some energy which wasn’t helped this morning by being woken at 3am by the cat! I’m super proud of myself for sticking with every day of Yoganuary so far!

Day 18: Vinyasa Flow – This was a really nice flow to wake me up and set me up for the day. I liked working on my balance and stretching everything out! Getting up some mornings has been a struggle but as soon as I’m on my mat, I feel much better and super glad that I made it out from under the duvet!

Day 19: Full Body Stretch – I was so happy when I woke up and saw that today’s Yoganuary was a full body stretch! I really needed it after a gym session earlier this week because I have some sore muscles. I will definitely use this practise again when I need a proper stretch.

Day 20: Power Flow – I had to skip this day of Yoganuary sadly but I didn’t skip yoga entirely because today I had a whole day of Yoga Teacher Training! I will make up this practise at the end of January!

Day 21: Journaling – I’ve really looked forward to the Sunday videos because I know it will be something lovely linked to yoga and today was no exception. I’ve been tasked with daily journaling for my YTT course so I used Cat’s tips in this video to set up my own journal!

So there it is, the end of Yoganuary Week 3! Only one week to go – one last chance to win a prize in the giveaways! One last week of videos everyday! I’m loving it and will be sad for it to end….. stay tuned for next week’s overview!

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