Yoganuary Week 2

Yoganuary Week 2 is over! It’s flying by already…. I really enjoyed this week again and completed all the videos. My friend Laura and I have been so inspired by Yoganuary that we are going to continue our daily yoga with 30min practises every day with something yoga inspired on a Sunday. I’ve set up a YouTube playlist to follow along with starting as soon as Yoganuary ends – stay tuned for the link if you want to follow along with us!

Day 8 – Meditation and Stretch: What a perfect start to Monday! Sitting up on the block was really helpful for staying comfortable during the meditation as this is something I usually find really difficult. I’m a natural fidgeter so staying still is a challenge for me. I found this practice really calming and it set me up beautifully for the day ahead.

Day 9 – Yoga for Glutes: I found myself a little lost in my thoughts this morning so it was difficult to concentrate on my practice. I went through the motions of each pose but I don’t feel that I gave it my all. I often work my glutes and legs during my weight training workouts so those areas are stronger than my arms and core. A key thing I’d like to work on and improve this year is making my thigh parallel to the ground in warrior poses.

Day 10 – Arm balances: This video was perfect for me as my arm balances are something I’m really working on this year. I want to nail crow pose and a headstand. I’ve been working on them in class and headstand is coming more easily for me at the moment. I will repeat this video to keep trying throughout the year.

Day 11 – Vinyasa Flow: I love Vinyasa yoga. When I woke up this morning I was feeling really groggy but I remembered my intention – to complete each Yoganuary video every day – then saw that it was a Vinyasa Flow so got straight out of bed! I really liked this flow it was perfect to wake up my body and mind!

Day 12 – Heart Opening: I loved this practice! The meditation, the warm up flows, the heart opening poses, the wheel practise…. I loved it all. Wheel is a pose I’ve been working on in class – keeping my arms straight and bringing my hands and feet into the right position so this video was a perfect way to bring all that together. It wasn’t too strenuous which was good as a Friday morning is not my most energetic time!

Day 13 – Power Flow: I actually completed this a day late because I was so busy on Saturday. I also felt I needed a rest day because of a bootcamp session I did on Friday. I wasn’t feeling my best today so found it quite tough to give it my all on the mat. But I did do the whole video – my favourite part being the bunny hops. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do a handstand!

Day 14 – Yoga Nidra: I’ve seen this advertised in local classes recently but had never tried it until now. I’m loving the Sunday videos as something different from a flow. I absolutely loved this video! I did it right before I went to bed and I drifted into a semi-conscious state where I was absolutely aware of when it was over but also felt that I wasn’t there at all! I would definitely do this video again if my mind feels wired before going to bed. I’ll also be looking into a nidra class in the future.

Something I’m hoping Yoganuary is going to bring in the coming weeks is more workshop inspired videos – ‘how to’ for certain poses or tips if you’re working on different things! I love these types of videos because it allows for a bit of playing around, seeing what you can do but they usually provide invaluable tips to help nail a particular pose. Two poses I’m working on at the moment are Crow Pose and Headstand!

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