Alice Liveing Activewear

In case you’ve not heard of Alice Liveing, she’s an Instagram fitness and nutrition star. She’s a qualified personal trainer, has written several books about fitness and food and has a huge following on social media. I’ve followed her for a while, since she was known as ‘Clean Eating Alice.’

Recently, however, she’s released a range of activewear in Primark. In case you’re not in the UK, Primark is a low cost clothing store which is hugely popular due to the huge range of clothing and accessories they offer at really affordable prices. There has been a lot of excitement on social media about this range and I took the opportunity, whilst visiting Belfast a few weeks ago, to purchase quite a few pieces from the collection.


Above are the pieces I bought – leggings, crop tops and vests in varying colours and patterns. These are not the whole collection but a large part of it. From what I could see in store, there were around four different outfits with lots of combinations. I pretty much bought every item that was available in my size. Below are my thoughts on the pieces now that I’ve had a chance to wear them all.

Price: The pieces are extremely affordable. The most expensive item was £8 and the crop tops were only £3-4. A whole outfit would come in at not much more than £10-12. This is unheard of when it comes to ‘celebrity’ clothing ranges usually. It means that stylish activewear is more accessible to everyone and allows people who don’t have £80 to spend on leggings to still be able to treat themselves to new workout gear (because that’s the ultimate motivator right)?!

Fit: I bought my usual size without trying on in store and it all fits perfectly. Clothing that is true to size is a huge bonus for me because it means that I don’t have to faff around with different sizes! All the items are comfortably stretchy and fit really nicely. The material is soft and feels good against the skin, which is really important to me when working out because I don’t want to feel uncomfortable and distracted from my routine or workout.

Wear: I’ve been able to wear these pieces when working out and doing yoga and have found them functional and comfortable. The leggings don’t seem to go see through when stretching and bending which is a huge bonus! The crops are not designed for high-intensity workouts with lots of running or jumping but are perfect for yoga and lower intensity workouts.

Overall: I love this range and will be looking at buying doubles of some items as well as the other pieces from the collection that weren’t available in my size when I was in Belfast! I love that a range of celebrity-inspired activewear has been released in Primark because it means that I could treat myself to some whole new yoga/gym outfits at a fraction of the cost in other stores. Definitely go and get yourself some in you’re in need of some new gymwear (and who isn’t)?!

Some of the outfits:


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