How to #yogaeverydamnday

As it’s a new year, you may be looking to start something new…perhaps yoga?! Influencer Yoga Girl (on Instagram), coined the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday which encourages her followers to get on their mats every day.


This post isn’t necessarily designed to encourage you to practise yoga EVERY single day but rather to help you inject some zen into your life. Whether you already practise some yoga or have never even tried it, below are some tips to make it easier to come to your mat more regularly.

  • Lay out your mat – even though it sounds silly, having to put your mat out before being able to start your yoga practise can feel like a chore. Also, if your mat is out of sight, it’s easy for yoga to be out of mind. Leave your mat laid out somewhere (if you can) to make it easier to jump on and start your practise. I’ve set up a yoga space in my living room where I have a basket of my yoga props and my mat. It’s not laid out all the time but I leave it out when I know I want to be practising yoga.
  • Practise in your PJs – comfy pyjamas are perfect for practising yoga in. There’s no need to change in the morning before your practise or even before you go to bed at night. You don’t need fancy, expensive yoga gear to workout in, just practise in your pjs!
  • Find a class you love – maybe you’ve tried yoga and didn’t really like it. Well, the good news is there are so many different styles of yoga both energetic and more relaxing. I’m less into the spiritual and ‘chanting’ side of yoga so when I found a studio which teaches ‘yoga without the jargon’ I was thrilled. I get the benefit of the yoga without the off-putting chanting and tricky language (incidentally, it’s now the studio I’ll be doing my YTT with)! Once you’ve found a teacher/studio/style of yoga you love, you’ll have no problem feeling motivated to continue.
  • Enlist a buddy – everything is more fun with a friend. Take a friend to your yoga class or join someone at their favourite class. Most studios have a ‘refer a friend’ offer so take advantage of that if you can. You’re more likely to stick to your yoga intentions if you’ve made plans with someone else. If you don’t have any friends that are into yoga, join an online yoga group (Facebook is great for this) or find an accountability buddy on Instagram and agree to practise yoga together virtually. I have a Whatsapp group with an amazing group of friends and we discuss our yoga and workouts daily. It really helps to keep me motivated and accountable.
  • Start a challenge – currently I’m doing Yoganuary a 31 day yoga challenge. This really helps motivate me to get to my mat. Years ago I did another 30 days of yoga (by Erin Motz of Bad Yogi) and I’ve also completed the DoyouYoga 30 day Yoga Challenge with Jessica Rose. These challenges are an amazing introduction to yoga if you’re a beginner or are great to remotivate you if it’s been a while.
  • Follow some Yogis – find some inspirational yogis on Instagram or other social media platform. Their passion and impressive strength will inspire you (well it works for me anyway)!
  • Take off the pressure – practising yoga everyday doesn’t mean killing it with power yoga or high intensity flows. It can simply mean stretching whilst laying on your mat or laying in Savasana practising meditation. I go to a Yin Yoga class every week, when I can, to quieten my body and mind and I absolutely love it.

Hopefully some of these tips/advice will help inspire you to get your yoga on. If you have any questions or your own ideas please leave a comment or message me, I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “How to #yogaeverydamnday

  1. Some good advice here, expecially the point about leaving your mat out. May I add something? Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes, and when it goes off take a moment to check your posture and tune into your breath. It’s still yoga, even if you’re not on your mat.

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