Yogi Bare Mat Review

As you may have read in my previous post, I got a new yoga mat for Christmas. My previous mat, that I only used at home, was a padded exercise mat and wasn’t brilliant as it was extremely slippery and too thick to give any real traction.

I did a lot of research into a new mat as I wanted something durable so that it would last me a long time. I asked in some Yoga Facebook groups and I also spoke to friends of mine about it and was given loads of suggestions. I looked into each one and weighed up the cost and features of each mat. I eventually decided on the Yogi Bare mat after speaking to an instructor at the studio I’m starting my Yoga Teacher Training at. She recommended this mat as it’s the one she uses and she loves it. That was enough for me and I asked for it as a gift the same day!


I’ve been using it since Christmas both for my home practise and also during hot classes at the studio and I’m so pleased with it! It’s definitely non-slip; I am able to stay put in any pose and usually I’m sliding all over the place especially in a sweaty class. I also really like the design and patterns on it. It provides a good amount of support for my knees as well as during Savasana but is not so thick that I feel unstable on it. It’s also larger than other yoga mats – both longer and slightly wider which just gives that little more space to play with.


The only thing I need to look into is keeping it clean. When I’ve gotten sweaty in class, the drips hang around on the mat for a while and I’ve also picked up some marks on it. I’ve looked into a mat cleaner and may well invest in some. What do you use to clean your yoga mats? Let me know in the comments below!

Overall though, I’d fully recommend a Yogi Bare mat if you need a new one, particularly if you slip around during your practice. Let me know also, what mat you have or if you have the Yogi Bare one too, what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “Yogi Bare Mat Review

  1. Hello I stubbles across your Instagram and thought I’d read your review on this mat as I have one as well. I just use a j-cloth/dish cloth with hot soapy (fairy liquid) water on it to wipe my mat over. It gets rid of all the greasy marks. You could also use hot water and lemon if you didn’t want to use dish soap.

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  2. When did buying a mat get so complicated? When I began yoga many moons ago, there was hardly any choice. Now, when you get them from supermarkets for a tenner and specialists for many times that amount, there are just too many to choose from. I’ve got a Yoga Tree rubber mat at the moment, which has been great, but it’s a bit heavy and there are definitely paw prints on it now where I’ve worn it away. I’ve kept it clean by Hoovering it and giving an occasional spray with a weak water/tea tree solution.

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