Yoganuary Week One

So here it is, week 1 of Yoganuary! I’ve absolutely loved this first week as there has been a real variety of poses and styles of yoga. It was also my first week back at work so I decided to get my practise in first thing each morning starting at 6am when the video went live. I’ve also got some friends practising each day with me so that’s really helped. Below I’ve detailed each day with my thoughts and reflections, almost like my own yoga journal.

Day 1 – Yoga with Ease: What a wonderful way to start 2018. I did this practice before bed and it was so calming and relaxing. It began with a meditation and then some simple stretches with a bit of a focus on the hamstrings. This was perfect for me as I had just flown back from Ireland where we spent New Year. I was super tight and sore from travelling so this routine was amazing!

Day 2 – Yoga for the Core: Wow! What a burner… I woke up early to get my practise in today and this routine was tough on the core. I created a short video of my practise on my Instagram page (search @katiesyogilife to follow me). It did make me realise that I don’t work my core enough so some of it was super challenging. I’ll up my core work going forward which should help with my goal of a headstand!

Day 3 – Yoga for Balance: So not my strong suit at 6am! But I made it through and tried some new poses I hadn’t done before which were tough and I need to work on. Balance is a funny thing, some days you think you’ve nailed it and other days you can barely stand on one leg without wobbling all over the place. Today, for me, it was a wobbly day! Something to always be working towards…

Day 4 – Vinyasa Flow: My favourite so far! I love Sun Salutations and flowing in yoga and this was perfect to wake me up in the morning. I would definitely do this routine again as it woke me up and stretched/worked all my muscles. Vinyasa yoga is what you might find in a ‘traditional’ yoga class at a local studio or gym. If you did this practise and enjoyed it, then definitely look into a yoga class near you.

Day 5 – Yoga for the hips: My hips are so tight and not very flexible. I found this practise quite difficult but really valuable! My hips are an area I want to work on as they can lead to greater flexibility in lots of poses. I will be repeating this routine and some of the poses regularly to hopefully see improvements in my hip opening and flexibility. Also, I really struggled to get up this morning to get my Yoganuary done but I forced myself and feel much better for it!

Day 6 – Power Yoga: I find it harder to get motivated to workout/do yoga at the weekend for some reason. I think it’s because I just want to relax after a busy week. However, as willpower (and your control over it) decreases as the day goes on, I got my power flow in early! This was my first power yoga flow with Cat Meffan and whilst I enjoyed it, there are definitely improvements to be made. She revealed in the video today that Saturday’s are going to be power flows each week so hopefully over the course of Yoganuary, I’ll improve and gain strength.

Day 7 – Goals for 2018 Journaling: Each Sunday of Yoganuary is going to be a non-flow based video. This week’s was a goals for 2018 journaling task. I really enjoyed this and it complemented the yoga flows perfectly. This is a practice I would like to repeat in the future too.

At the end of week 1, I’m feeling really motivated going in to week 2. If you’ve been following Yoganuary, how have you found it? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Yoganuary Week One

  1. Well done, Katie. This is a great start to the year. Balance is a funny thing. I can do it better in the morning than I can in the evening. I think it’s because my head is empty when I get up! I teach my students that it’s better to hold on and be steady than to wobble about on one leg and risk falling over, because it tricks their brain into thinking they can do it.

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    1. Yes you’re right, it’s better to just hold a posture and get your balance before moving on to the next stage. Balance all depends on how much my mind is racing too.


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