Happiness Project: January Resolutions

It’s almost the end of 2017 and January kicks off my own Happiness Project (see my last post about it here). Each month I’ll be writing 2 posts linked to my Happiness Project, one – at the start of each month –  setting out my resolutions and intentions and then one – at the end of each month – summarising how the month went and how successful (or not)! I’ve been.

Each month has a one word theme with 5 resolutions towards that theme. I will be using a ‘tick chart’ to track if I’ve been successful towards that resolution each day of the month. I haven’t chosen to copy each of Gretchen’s resolutions as they’re not all ones that relate to my life and what I need but some of them I’ve adapted or borrowed.

January’s theme links to Gretchen’s in her book – Energy. My resolutions towards this are:

  1. Get to bed on time – enough sleep will hopefully lead to feeling more energised during the day which is especially important in the winter months. I get up at 5:45am so I’ll be trying to get to sleep before 10pm on a weeknight.
  2. Exercise – including both gym workouts, yoga and walking. I’ll be exercising every day both yoga through Yoganuary and workouts at the gym. It’s been shown that exercise increases energy and also helps with sleep so double bonus!
  3. Get my 7+ a day – my aim is to eat 7+ fruits and vegetables daily. Research has shown that 5 a day isn’t really enough, it’s more of a minimum so you’re not deficient. I don’t want the bare minimum, I want to thrive. As a vegetarian, it’s easier for me to base my meals around vegetables but I aim to really focus on a variety of colours to get the most amount of micronutrients.
  4. Work on my productivity – I want to use my time more effectively and be more effcient in the things I have to get done. This should mean I can work less and therefore save energy for other things. To help me with this I’m going to read ‘The One Thing” by Gary Keller. I’m part of a self-development book club and this is January’s choice. The book aims to help you achieve better results in less time which is my aim with this resolution.
  5. Take me time – this means finding time to do the things that are important to me; reading, practising yoga, writing my blogs etc. I want to find time, however small, to do things for myself each day.

So those are my resolutions for January. Gretchen Rubin touches on the difference between resolutions and goals in ‘The Happiness Project’ and it’s something I’ve found really interesting. Goals are things that you achieve and then they’re done, such as run a marathon. Once you’ve finished the marathon, that goal is achieved and over. Resolutions are different in that, they are ongoing things that you want to continue to do throughout your life. They will never be ‘achieved’ as such but are something you strive to do each day.

I hope that some of these ideas inspire you and that you might join me in your own happiness project. Let me know (leave a comment below or send me a message) if you do!


2 thoughts on “Happiness Project: January Resolutions

    1. It’s called Book Club for babes run by YouTuber Muchelleb – we read a self-development every month that we vote for then discuss in a fb group, I can add you? January’s book is ‘The One Thing’ x


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