Keeping Yoga Simple

I’m writing this from a bus travelling from Belfast to Dublin! While I have 2 hours to kill, I thought I’d write a bit about resolutions and why I’ve failed in the past.

I often start fitness or yoga routines and challenges with lots of enthusiasm and motivation then, after a couple of weeks, boredom sets in and I miss a day or two before stopping completely. I think this is because I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect and follow every single aspect otherwise I’ve failed!

Part of a yogic lifestyle however is non-judgement and that means of yourself especially. Instead of judging my own ‘performance’ or how well I’ve stuck to something I need to try and accept what I’ve done and move on rather than judging any perceived ‘failures.’

One way I’m going to do this is celebrating my ‘wins’ each week – every time I go to a yoga class, every time I roll out my mat even just for a stretching session, every time I hit the gym I will concentrate on this as a win. This will be my focus, then if I have a day or even whole week when I don’t get things done, I can reflect on the wins to motivate myself to pick it all back up and get on with it.

Remember, skipping a day of whatever you’re resolving to do isn’t a complete failure, it’s just a blip and you can absolutely get back on with it the next day. If the resolution no longer serves you, move on and find something that does. Don’t focus on the judgement of yourself, focus on your big wins (however small).

What are your resolutions for 2018? I am starting my Happiness Project and continuing my yoga journey.

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