Yoga Christmas Gifts

Christmas 2017 definitely had a theme running through my gifts – many of them were yoga related! Here I will show you what I got and throughout the year as I use/read them I will review some of them. If there are any in particular you’d like to hear more about, leave a comment below!


Yoga Wheel

I received a Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel. This was something I’d asked for as I’ve seen them being used and also a friend recommended one to me. I haven’t ever used one before but I believe they are great for core work and stretching the spine. I’ve seen some YouTube yoga classes which incorporate a wheel so I’ll be trying one of those out soon!


Yoga Pose Cards

As part of my Yoga Teacher Training, coming up in January, I need to learn a lot of poses and alignment cues. To help with this, I got Yoga Pose Cards as a Christmas gift. They are really lovely plastic covered cards which detail the English and Sanskrit names of each pose, what type of pose they are, alignment cues and a detailed drawing. I plan to use these when learning the poses and also to visually map out a class structure.


Yogi Bare Mat

I also got a new Yoga mat! I spent a lot of time looking for a new yoga mat and also spoke to the teachers at my local studio. The one I ended up choosing is by Yogi Bare. I haven’t yet used it but I’m heading to a class soon so once I’ve had a good go on it, I’ll be posting a more detailed review!


Yoga Massage Balls

I got the Yoga Body massage balls after seeing them used in a YouTube video for myofascial release. They are made of tough rubber and are a bit larger than tennis ball size. These can be used to massage sore muscles and according to their website ‘to roll away tension in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings and feet. Self-massage breaks up fascial adhesions, promotes blood flow, and can reduce recovery time from exercise.’ I’m excited to try these after a gym workout or when my shoulders and back get really tense which is a stress symptom I regularly suffer from!


I also received a couple of Yoga books for Christmas which I will review individually once I’ve read them! The ones I got are:

Yoga Teaching Handbook by Sian O’Neill and Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark.


Let me know if you’d like to know more about any of these products and I can review them in more detail once I’ve used them!

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