Why I’ll be doing Yoganuary

First things first… what on Earth is Yoganuary?! Well as the name suggests, Yogauary is the combination of Yoga and January. Meaning Yoga in January, specifically every day in January.

Many yoga teachers on YouTube release a January yoga program – Bad Yogi (Erin Motz), Yoga with Adriene amongst others but I’ll be following Cat Meffan’s  Yoganuary series on her YouTube channel – just search Cat Meffan.

I’ve chosen this one specifically because I followed 2017’s version and loved it – here’s why:

  • The videos are a mixture in length – from a few mins up to a full 45 minute class so you can easily mix and match depending on how much time you have.
  • Cat mixes in meditation videos as well as pure yoga – these were great for a break and really relaxing.
  • Some were ‘workshop’ style with tips about certain poses or more challenging aspects such as how to do the splits or headstands. In these, you are guided through specific prompts and tips to help you master these.
  • The videos are clear with good guidance which is important when following a video as you can’t be watching the screen the entire time.

I’m hoping Yoganuary 2018 will be more of the same then I will have over 60 days worth of videos on YouTube to follow in the coming year if I ever need a failsafe flow. I especially like to go back to the workshop videos to see how I improve over the year. Look out for a future blog post on my yoga goals for 2018!

I hope you’ll join me in Yoganuary – let me know if you are 🙂

5 thoughts on “Why I’ll be doing Yoganuary

      1. Katie, did you start Yoganuary? I tuned in yesterday, but I was disappointed in the audio quality, and she set the class up to be pretty mellow, where I was looking for a more vigorous flow, so I went with Allie’s full chakra flow (and loved it for the 3rd time). It looks like she still in the brick room for day 2, and that is causing the sound quality to be a bit echo-y. I think I’ll try it and just hope I get used to the sound being yucky. Let me know what you think!


      2. I know what you mean, the sound on day 1 was like that! Day 2 was better – much less background noise. I might try a quiet music track over the top. Day 1 was very mellow which was great for me as I was only just home from a flight but hoping for something more active as time goes on. Today’s core workout was a burner!


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