Happiness Project 2018

To me, a yogic lifestyle is all about balance and making yourself happy. I’ve recently been reading, as part of a book club, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Whilst this doesn’t directly link to yoga, it does encourage thinking about how you can make your own happiness just by making small changes to your everyday life. The book has actually inspired me to start my own ‘Happiness Project’ for 2018.


Gretchen, in the book, started out by making a list and thinking about all the things that make her happy and also things that she had read or researched that increased happiness. She then chose ‘themes’ for each month, for example ‘Energy’, ‘Relationships’ etc. Within each month’s theme, she set herself resolutions e.g. Go to sleep on time, Write a novel, Indulge in a modest splurge, Give something up etc. She documented her success with each resolution on a chart where she would tick each day if she had achieved something towards that resolution. As the months went on, each new set of resolutions for the month added to those from the previous. Soon, many of the resolutions became habits.

I have decided to take the general principles of Gretchen’s project and make it my own. Here’s how it is going to work for me:

  • I will also have a theme for the month with 5 resolutions/goals working towards that theme.
  • I will use a chart to document my success like Gretchen as there is something very satisfying about being able to tick things off each day!
  • I will write 2 blog posts each month linked to my Happiness Project – one at the start of the month outlining that month’s theme and goals and then one at the end of the month as a reflection.
  • I’m going to try to link my Happiness Project to my yoga journey where possible. This means linking to my Yoga Teacher Training course, my own practice and looking more to the spiritual side of yoga.

Stay tuned for the first post – Introducing January’s resolutions coming soon!


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