Why I love Yoga!

When I was younger, Yoga wasn’t the sort of exercise I was into. I wanted high-powered, high-intensity burners. I wanted to feel like I was working out, not just during the exercises but afterwards too! I didn’t give a single thought to my overall wellness. This was great and sculpted quite a toned body but it didn’t allow for ‘off’ days.

If I wasn’t feeling it, was a little under the weather or just seriously lacking motivation, these sorts of workouts were difficult to stick to. The thought of throwing myself into high intensity training when I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ didn’t fill me with joy. Instead, I would hide out at home under a blanket, watching tv and eating!

So back to why I love yoga…

Reason 1: Yoga is such a diverse practice. There’s power yoga if you want to build strength and burn fat, restorative yoga to relax and stretch and every type in between. This means, there’s yoga to suit every mood. A search on Youtube for ‘Yoga for…’ brings up a whole host of styles and themes of yoga; Yoga for when you’re sick, Yoga for heartbreak, Yoga for teachers, Yoga with your dog etc. The list goes on and on… If you haven’t found your yoga style yet, keep looking!

Reason 2: It calms my racing mind. I’m a 100mph person, I don’t feel right if I’m not busy or ‘doing’ all the time. However, this often leads to burnout and I then need to completely shut down and relax. Since starting my regular yoga practice, I can use that hour to calm down my mind, suspend my thoughts and reset. Focusing on my breath and alignment in different poses is the perfect distraction from everyday life.

Reason 3: You can see improvements really quickly. Regular yoga practise means you will learn better alignment and build strength quickly. This will lead to huge improvements – within only a few months I was able to get my feet flatter in downward facing dog, lunge lower in my warriors and get my foot higher in standing bow for example. The trick is to be consistent and a little bit brave! Just give it a go, you can always stop or come back out of a pose but you won’t know unless you push yourself.

So those are my 3 top reasons why I love yoga so much and why I decided to take my practise further into teacher training. More on this soon….

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